Bro Safari – Scumbag

Nick Weiller is a mastermind in trap and dubstep. Since 2000, he’s been producing in a DNB group called ‘Evol Intent’; but most recently he’s been releasing some great tracks under the moniker Bro Safari. This song features hilariously outrageous lyrics performed by Biggie. Definitely an addictive song that your going to want to put on repeat. He aslso remixed one of MIA’s songs, ‘YALA’, which has over 1 million plays on Soundcloud. Make sure to check out his Facebook page for the 2014 tour dates because he might just be headed your way.

Hoodoo – Show Me Fire (Original)

Following on from the critically acclaimed Dead Belly EP, Sub Nation is back with a new track EP from Hoodoo, with early support from the likes of Eddie Temple Morris (XFM), B.Traits & Jaguar Skills plus many more, this offering from the label has a Reggae tinged Bass feel and is high octane and slickly produced. This one from the newcomer Hoodoo is a newfangled, hard core track with a rare, leading edge Reggae with modulated Bass nurtured stompers. It is packed with attitude and full of energy with it’s simultaneous, thunderous wobbly bass line and catchy hooks. It’s definitely a fire party anthem!

Real by Years and Years


Every now and then, a song comes and imprisons you, assuring that you listen to it over and over again, wearing it out. The first time I heard this song, I was driving in the heat and was desperately trying to find a parking spot. The song came on and suddenly, the road under my tires began to purr, the heat became tolerable, and the world was just happy.

This song has that effect, and it was terrifyingly strong. The song comes from a band called Years of Years. ‘Real’ is the second single released by the band in February this year.

Mysterious sounds build up and drop at @0.23, causing an incredibly heavy background base to surface with catchy lyrics. I am definitely going to listen to this so much that it does get annoying but until the threshold has been reached, I can just ask you to listen to this and evade your problems.



Doja Cat – Sohigh (SteLouse Flip)

Doja Cat, a Los Angelos based singer/rapper, released an R&B/Soul song called ‘So high’. It’s such a chilled out stoner song with so many remixes available. The one that tops the list is this banger. Just by looking at the album artwork, you know its gonna be legit. SteLouse added trap into the mixture and created something pretty majestic. Don’t miss the drop at 0:54. Also, be sure to check out this artist’s new EP, ‘The City’. Great things come from Denver because SteLouse is offering a free download from Soundcloud.

Zomboy – Outbreak Ft. Armanni Reign

Zomboy wearing a bane maskZomboy took his time to make his way into the mainstream dubstep crew, but now he can’t seem to get out of it. His tracks are always reigning the dubstep charts, but most of his tracks just deserve to be there. ‘Outbreak’ is a week old release by Zomboy with impressive vocals from Armanni Reign from Philadelphia.

I previously shared a glitch hop remix of zomboy by Chipped Pixel, and have quite a list of dubstep tracks by Zomboy in my favorites. Armanni Reign helps build a crazy tempo before the massive drop at 0:55. Enjoy the tracks and expect some zomboy classics in the future.

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