Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Tere Bin Nahi Lagda (Rimshox Remix)

RimshoxToday’s share is one of my personal favorites. This is a remix of the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the Pakistani musician known for his qawali music. Any words of praise will fail to suffice the beauty of this man’s voice and his qawali music has touched the hearts of many owing to its Sufi roots. Unfortunately, Nusrat passed away over 15 years ago in London.

It is not a normal feat for anyone to remix such a classic musician. However, Rimshox has done more than justice to this remix. Hailing from Newcastle, Rumel Ahmed has added a great touch to this track with his outclass sampling throughout the track. Rimshox has good following across Facebook and Soundcloud, and he is also an active producer with lots of stuff on his Soundcloud, all of which is available for free. I suggest you guys check out his Soundcloud right now. This guy is definitely worth following!

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Dank – Wonder Child (Original Mix)

dankI haven’t shared something on the blog for a few days and that is mainly because I didn’t hear something worthwhile during this time. However, today’s share is a banger and apparently I’m a week late in hearing this. This is my second Dank share on the blog, and this guy is nothing short of impressive.

Once again, Dank does an impressive job with this track and the drop is B0:55 (In case you did not get this pun, it means that the track drops at 0:55 like a boss). Meanwhile, Dank is celebrating 500,000 plays of his remix of ‘I could be the one’ originally by Avicii and Nicky Romero.

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Chasing Dragonz – Planet Dub (Original Mix)

Chasing DragonzToday’s share is from an EDM duo from LA who refer to themselves as ‘audio hustlers’. Well put, I must say. The name of this duo is actually spelt: CHλSI∏G DRλGθ∏Z. They obviously do not have much of an idea about artist branding, but their music is an over-compensation for that.

This track was released 2 days ago by the duo, and the moment I heard it I decided to check out their music. There is a very strong trap influence on every track they’ve released and being a big trap fan, I found their music really good.

This track has a little bit of everything in it. The heavy subvibes, the crazy synths and the trap snares: It’s amazing. CHλSI∏G DRλGθ∏Z just found themselves a new fan!

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P.S. Alecks Rizo from Chazing Dragonz had her birthday a few days ago, so happy belated birthday to her! :)

Curious Kontrol – Cosmic Adventure

Curious KontrolToday’s share is a preview of track from Curious Kontrol’s upcoming EP titled ‘Heatwave’. I believe electronic music is getting taken over by youngsters and new comers into the world of electronic music with the likes of Eptic, Madeon and now Curious Kontrol adds to the ever growing list. Curious Kontrol is the alias of 17 year old Ryan Oliphant from Hartlepool who’s producing amazing dubstep along with Drum and Bass music.

Most of the tracks on his soundcloud are available for free download so do check him out, and share it with others. Supporting young talent will only lead to more amazing bass music in the years to come. Enjoy this track, and let us know what you think about this track in the comments section!

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Snowcone – MUST DIE!

MUST DIE!I made sure not another day goes past without listening to the dirty dubstep that we’re all so fond of. Today, I have a recent release by a 21 year old Atlanta-based electronic producer by the name of MUST DIE! and I believe the name of this artist partly explains the kind of music that he makes. It’s brutal, it’s nasty, and at the same time it has some of the cleanest wobbles I’ve ever heard.

This track is ‘titled’ snowcone, and the drop at 0:55 (like a boss) is such an amazing transition. I loved how he worked on the overall build up of the track as well.  MUST DIE! will probably be featured soon again on the blog, because he keeps dropping these bangers.